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Advertising is supposed to be about great ideas. Yet, the very best ones rarely get made. It's bonkers when you think about it. At The Raised Eyebrow Society, we're all about ideas that make the world a better place. So, if you've got a great idea that makes a positive social, cultural, or environmental contribution to the world, then we want to hear about it. If it's an idea for a charity, cause or a not-for-profit, then goodness is a given. If it's for a brand, it needs to work on a business level as well. After all, it’s still advertising, init.   


Here's the deal. You send us a summary of your idea. If it's viable and raises our eyebrows, we'll set about getting it in front of the right client. If they buy it, you get paid. If you can make it, you get paid for that too. If it's a pro-bono charity job, you won't get paid, but your idea will be out there making a difference, and you'll get the credit for it.


To be clear, we're not interested in stealing your ideas. We want to bring them to life. We're on a mission to make a difference using the power of great ideas.

Here's how it works for those that like a list.


  1. You send us a summary of your idea.

  2. We confirm receipt of the idea. 

  3. We will let you know if we like it and want to take it forward.

  4. You get paid a fee for the concept if a client buys it.

  5. If there's the budget and you're available to make it, you can.

  6. If we make it without you, you'll still get credited.

  7. You get a share of any profit if we get paid to make it.

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