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We need a poster campaign to reach and inspire young people who've been brought up in the 'care system', they said. Oh, just the most disaffected and disengaged audience possible, then? We figured we'd need to be bold and direct. We're very proud to have created an ad that works for the task at hand and on a deep emotional level for a group of people who rarely feel wanted, if ever.  

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Here's an idea that makes a difference. So much so it was short-listed for The Earth Shot Prize in 2023. IPnature is a not-for-profit we're establishing to collect royalties on behalf of nature, which is then distributed amongst the charities and organisations concerned with protecting and preserving the natural world across the globe. So, any company using images, content, names, etc, of nature pays a usage fee as part of their social corporate responsibility. Initially, the donations will be voluntary, but in the long term, we'll be working with other organisations to have it made into an international law.   

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We're the oldest children's charity but not the most well-known, Coram exclaimed. Can you do a poster campaign that tells people what we do? We raised an eyebrow and said, we certainly can. We'll turn them into social media posts for you, as well. 

Can we do a poster campaign for people who can't read, they asked. Of course we can, we said. Turns out you can't, but there's always another way. As ever, the answer is in the problem.

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The Hunger Project

‘We want a campaign highlighting our collaboration with communities affected by hunger, aiding them in acquiring the necessary skills to become self-sufficient’. Pleased we could make a difference to a charity that makes a difference to hungry people worldwide.


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The Compassionate Friends (TCF) is a little-known charity run by bereaved parents to support other bereaved parents and their families. They needed a campaign to convey that they really understand.   

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The Missing People charity needed to change how they were perceived due to their name. They wanted to avert vulnerable people from danger and heartache by getting them to contact them before they went missing. They also wanted to increase donations, so we did two separate but visually connected campaigns  

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We approached JCDecaux with a bunch of alternative ideas and said, 'Ever thought of using OOH for purely positive purposes?'. They said, 'Yes, in fact, we're about to launch our Community Channel, and we like your ideas.' So, now we're working together on various projects that serve the community, including helping small charities and not-for-profits gain national exposure.  

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The Youth Group came to us after

they'd kindly been given tons of free media by JCDecaux. 'We need a great idea', they said. 'How about this?', we replied. Now we're all super excited about seeing it on billboards everywhere later this year.

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We approached the charity with an innovative partnership idea that would increase awareness, raise funding, and save lives. They were delighted that the idea was in-line with their mission to spread awareness about suicide in a positive way. We're now in development.

Inspired by the incredible NHS staff from across the world, we're writing a series of children's books. With all profits going to the NHS.


A brand of cleaning products that use 100% natural, non-toxic ingredients and employs time-poor people to manufacture the products at home. Our kind of brand. So, we contacted them with a couple of ideas. They liked what they saw, and now we're developing a nice digital campaign together. 

The music publisher was looking for an idea that heightened their profile, kept their catalogue relevant and contributed to the arts. We gave them precisely that. An annual art prize that revolves around their music for established artists and novices alike. 


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We had an exciting social media fundraising idea, so we approached the charity it suited the best. Now we're working with various partners and media owners to bring it to life.

​The event company invited us to contribute ideas for the launch of Macallan's new multi-million-pound eco-friendly distillery. Oh, what fun we had coming up with ideas using V/R, A/R and projection mapping.

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