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Welcome to The Raised Eyebrow Society (TRES), an independent creative agency collective dedicated to making a difference using the power of great ideas.


We build bespoke teams from our diverse membership, which includes award-winning strategic creatives, ad industry legends, and emerging talent from the world's top advertising school. Additionally, we attract brilliant minds from different industries and alternative walks of life. They all share a common desire: to deploy their skills, talent, and know-how to make a difference.


As an agency, we're always keen to partner with purpose-driven start-ups and ethical brands. Additionally, we enjoy collaborating with established brands seeking ideas that generate business because they make a genuine and relevant impact. Essentially, we achieve commercial success for our clients with credible ideas that make a meaningful social, cultural, or environmental difference. It's a win-win-win strategy. 


Our belief in the power of great ideas is unwavering. The creative thinking that drives success for major brands can also provide solutions for local, national, and global challenges. Creative solutions are a much-underused resource beyond the realms of advertising and marketing. TRES exists to apply creativity and professional problem-solving to a wide range of issues. After all, the world is full of them.


We're equally committed to helping charities and causes make a difference with pro-bono poster campaigns, thanks to our partnership with JCDecaux. We also provide creative alternatives for government departments, NGOs, not-for-profits, institutions, and international organisations to achieve positive change. Our in-house idea, nominated for The Earth Shot Prize 2023, exemplifies our dedication to creating a meaningful difference.

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