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Your Submissions


By agreeing to these Terms, you hereby confirm and warrant that any Content that you submit to The Raised Eyebrow Society is original to you and created solely by you and does not infringe the copyright or any other rights of any other person or entity and that you have not previously granted any rights to such Content to any other person or entity. You also confirm and warrant that use of the Content by The Raised Eyebrow Society or a Client of The Raised Eyebrow Society in any way, including, without limitation, for purposes of advertising, marketing and promotion of any product or service whatsoever, is not in violation of any third-party rights.

All work of whatsoever type that you produce in response to The Raised Eyebrow Society Client brief will remain your copyright up to the point that it is selected for presentation to a Client. On being informed that your Content is to be presented to a client, a consideration becomes due to you, and at that point, the Content is deemed to be the property and copyright of The Raised Eyebrow Society and may be used and disposed of at the Company's sole discretion. However, you will always be credited as the creator/s. Any work of whatsoever type that is not presented to a Client remains your copyright.

The Raised Eyebrow Society reserves the right to present to a Client any work you have submitted within a period of twelve months after the submission of that work. The Raised Eyebrow Society undertakes to notify you directly of any intention to present work that you have submitted.

If a situation arises whereby you believe the submission of Content by another member of the creative community infringes your copyright, you should immediately communicate this to The Raised Eyebrow Society by means of email or mail to the addresses provided on the website. You accept that in all matters of arbitration over submitted Content the decision of The Raised Eyebrow Society is final.

You understand that The Raised Eyebrow Society has the right to edit, alter, or modify the Content as it so chooses. You agree that you have no interest in any Content that you submit to The Raised Eyebrow Society including, without limitation, any security interest therein, and hereby release to The Raised Eyebrow Society any interest therein (if any) which may be created by operation of law. In addition, you waive the benefit of any provision of law known as Droit moral or moral rights or any similar or analogous law or decision in any country of the world.


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